Musix 2.0 Downloads

Announcement: MUSIX 2.0 is out on the road!!!

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the availability of version 2.0 of the MUSIX GNU/Linux free operating system after a year of hard community work.

Musix GNU+Linux is 100% free software specially designed for music production, graphics and multimedia in general.

You can get MUSIX 2.0 in two ways: Live DVD (plus HD installer) and USB (persistent, minimum 4Gb).

Musix 2.0 stable on DVD and USB

DVD: (md5sum)

USB: (md5sum)

Beta and Alpha versions on CD

For now, we have CD versions in beta and alpha stage (only for advanced users):

Source code

Major new features

  • Linux RT ‘full preempt’ ready for low-latency audio operations, either Live or installed on hard disk.
  • Custom KDE as a default desktop (you can algo run GNOME, IceWM, Fluxbox, LXDE, etc.).
  • Based on ‘Debian/Lenny GNU/Linux’, a free software community distribution widely used and recognized worldwide for its reliability, versatility and stability.
  • Improved installer
  • Improved start system
  • Persistent Musix USB version!!! That means you can install applications, change settings, and you will have them in the next boot. It means you can customize.
  • Extensive and updated set of applications (some compiled by the Musix team) among which are:

Ardour 2.8.4 (multitrack recorder) (with LV2 support), Hydrogen 0.9.4, Rosegarden 1.7.3, Rakarrack 0.40.0, Qtractor 0.4.2, Bristol 0.40.6, ZynaddsubFX 2.4, Plugins LADSPA and LV2 (Calf plugins, Caps, Invada, Tap), CLAMaplication suite, Aldrin Sequencer and other Trackers. Scorewriters: Canorus, DenemoLilypondMuseScore.

We also included applications that allow the use of the distribution in daily tasks (browser Iceweasel (Firefox), Openoffice.orgGIMP (photoshop like), vector design with Inkscape , 3D animation with Blender, various media players, multiprotocol chat with Pidgin and others.

The following links provide the Live DVD installation instructions and mount notes for the USB version.


Marcos Manoni

More Musix 2.0 screenshots: More_Screeshots_Musix2.0


Thanks for the support to Ututo ProyectFSFOurprojectZonainter & SOLAR


Marcos Germán Guglielmetti (Argentina)

Gilberto Borges (Brasil)

José Antonio González García (España)

Daniel Vidal Chornet (España)

  • Otros Colaboradores / desarrolladores

Natanael Olaiz (España / Argentina)

Jacobo Nájera (Mexico)

Pablo Sastre (Argentina, Cordoba)

Daniel Vidal Chornet (España)

Ariel Errera (Argentina)

Mariano Ibaldi (Argentina)

Suso Comesaña (España)

Pablo Lozano (Argentina)

Gabe Menvielle (EEUU)

Facundo A. Bianco (Argentina)

Pablo Baena

Bernabé Crena

Lucas Godoy (Argentina)

Fco. Javier Llorente Recio “Wayfarer” (Espana)

Marcos Manoni

Hernán Ordiales

Adrián Pardini (Argentina)

Tapani Räikkönen (Finlandia)

Jorge Salgueiro (Portugal)

Francisco Tufró (Argentina)

Carlos Sánchez G-S (Sanchiavedraz, Espana)


Gustavo Chico

Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (España)

Di Biase Josx Luis (Argentina)

Julia Velazco (Argentina)

Diana Venturini (Argentina)

German Monti (Argentina)

Carlos Pino (España)

Gustavo Maher (Argentina)

Rodolfo Lopez (Costa Rica)


Raphael Raccuia (French)

Oleksiy Shepelev (Russian)

Franco Yves Maurice (Italian)

Español —> Inglés

Marcelo Colina

Ken Nelson

Lucas Godoy

Hernán Ordiales

Marcos Manoni

Español e inglés –> portugués

Evandro Veloso Gomes

Claudio Caldas

Español e inglés –> francés

Vicente Léblov (al francés)

Secuencias MIDI

David Siu

Página web

Martín Carr

Javier Castrillo



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